Project analysis

to increase relevance of Comedy Central Asia on YouTube & capturing opportunities
Comedy Central


Rating Boost:
  • Comedy Central is the world's biggest comedy network since it's launch in 1991
  • Comedy Central Asia is launched in 2012; only 24-hour all-comedy channel showcasing Asian and international comedy and comedic talent
  • Popularity is additionally proven with the success of Comedy Central Stand-Up, Asia! Season 2

(Elmes, 2018)




low popularity

vidIQ score: 39

Additionally, there are irregular posting where for instance, there was a spam of videos on a particular day in June but no posting thereafter.  Untargeted content such as videos of Comedy Central have also been identified to be posted on Comedy Central Asia.
Smaller in size compared to other channels
= lower subscribers

TOP 10 popular YouTube content

(Brown, 2018)
Unboxing videos
Educational videos
Favorites videos
Tag/Challenge videos
Haul videos
Gaming videos
Vlogging videos
Tutorial videos
Product review videos





Potential for Asia Market

The success of Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) Asia resulted in a renewal original comedy series Comedy Central Stand-Up, Asia! for a third season highlights how Asia originals have strong appeal to target audiences and underscores how local content can grow higher share of viewership

Millennial's preference for YouTube over traditional media

According to Omnicore agency, it is predicted that by 2025, 50% of TV viewers under 32 will not subscribe to paid TV.

To increase relevance of Comedy Central Asia on YouTube, Viacom should also create alternative content through a competitive and network analysis for Comedy Central Asia YouTube instead of utilizing the YouTube channel to just redirect audiences to TV channels


Gen X

Baby Boomers

Target Audience
YouTube's Fastest growing demographics in Singapore (Ngu, 2018)
Esp Millennials, they are avid YouTubers where about 54% of them check YouTube daily and 60% (aged 18-29) also binge-watch YouTube (10 best youtube user statistics for marketers, 2017)


Lives with Parents in Singapore
24 years old
Loves Binge-watching YouTube

Music videos
Videos by local creators
TV content

YouTube ++++
Facebook +++
Instagram ++
Twitter ++
(What Are TheTop Social Media Platforms in Singapore and Their Stats, 2018), (Aslam, 2019),(Tandon, 2017), (Uy, 2019)



Wah!Banana presents themselves as the “Best Comedy Channel Ever” on YouTube. As a Singaporean-born channel focusing on comedy, they are one of the most compatible YouTube Channels to view as a competitor for Comedy Central Asia. In line with YouTube’s users demographics, their TA are also more generic, catering to the different age groups through dry humor. 

Existing Format Analysis

Uploads are consistent, 1 video/week on Sundays
Performing better than similar competing channels based on views, videos created and views per video. However, is losing out on subscribers: viewers may enjoy their videos but are not engaged with the channel

Social Media are interconnected

Promotion of Facebook and Twitter/Instagram pages. Redirecting users from one platform to another helps them to be more connected with the user; multiple platforms also allow the user to stay updated (content they are producing, events they are hosting etc). Their main website also integrates promotion of other social media networks
• Successful at creating content that engages the target audience; humor is very “Singaporean”
• Top comments portray their relatability and successfully engage with their target audience
• #1 comment is from a fellow Singaporean You-tuber - indication of a community amongst the YouTube community in Singapore


• Focuses on skits and online content creation, but do not interact with viewers offline much, may not fully connect with viewers;
• online content has its limitations to how engaging it is, no face-to-face engagement
• No call to action

Market Outlook

- Regular content postings keep subscribers engaged (new content every week)
- Many videos posted (total of 314 videos posted) contribute to high viewership numbers, more content for viewers to watch, not just the same videos 
- Expansion into other channels like Toggle help Wah!Banana reach out to an audience that may not have known about them on YouTube


A Singaporean-grown production company, Night Owl Cinematics became a prominent comedy channel in Singapore with a passion to entertain.

Existing Format Analysis

Uploads are consistent, 2 video/week on Sundays & Fridays
Comparing against competitors, doing better in terms of views and videos. However, losing out in subscribers and views per video. Could be due to high number of videos made when they have not gained traction (not famous) resulting in lower views per video. Subscribers much lower even though they have very high viewership
Daily subscriber growth rate is constant - can count as related to consistent postings

Social Media are interconnected & promoted on each other

Like Wah!Banana, viewers are more likely to stay updated as they follow social media either on one platform or more

Eg Do it for the money locations are posted on Instagram stories, viewers who wish to take part will have to check Instagram for the filming location

Clear call to action in their videos :Comment down for ___Click here for more, click here to subscribe
Very open community, hosts fanmeets and have series that engage with viewers offline.
Viewers are more loyal; viewers will specially go down to the shoot location to take part in these programs


Many of its casts are more bold, comments made may result in controversies 
Because of their openness, may not attract viewers who have a more traditional mindset

Market Outlook

Will continue to grow, fanbase is more loyal compared to that of Wah!Banana and that may help with growth in the long term


Firstly, some of the prominent accounts are noted with larger number of subscribers. To name a few, this includes, Vice, Vsauce, Comedy Central, Imran Yusuf, RocketJump, Saturday Night Live etc. Comedy Central Asia on the other hand, is not as prominent with the addition of being comparably small as other subscribers’ account, being situated at the bottom left corner of the network. In addition, there is also a duplicate channel with the same name, with a teaser of an official Comedy Central Asia video posted on their YouTube channel.
Through the network, two accounts named Comedy Central Asia were located, one with 3 subscribers and the other with 4,180 subscribers. The respective channels that are linked to them are as shown, representing featured channels and channel subscriptions. The official Comedy Central Asia channel (determined by country: Singapore) has little connections in the entire network, only with other Comedy Central channels and productions. Furthermore, the connections are within the same community based on modularity class.

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